Hands, if you watch them, they tell a more in depth story of an individual's life then words do.  If you close your eyes and visualize your mothers hands, even if she is no longer here, you probably have a perfect image what they look like and feel like.  I can remember exactly what my grandmothers hands were like, while the specific features of her face have become blurred with time.  To me, the hands are the most aesthetically beautiful part of the human body, and I love to include them in my artwork.  Because i need hands modeled in many different positions, I often use my own hands as my subjects.  They are no longer mine when attached to a man sitting under a tree smoking, or are they?

Here are some categories your hands might fall into:

-the nervous nail biter 

-the timid light toucher

-sand paper hands

-the bread kneader

-piano fingers

-knuckle horizon 

-grow into hands 

-ribbon vanes 

-manicured hands

-Powdered glove hand 

-Grandmas hands 

-wedding ring tan line 

-ring stuck hand

-baby hands

-hereditary hands

-hand model hands

-iron deficiency

-wrinkled hands

-deep palm hand lines

-hairy thick hands 

-hairy thin hands

-huuuuuuuuge hands:) 


Well, the list does go on, so if any come to you, please send them my way!

Paper cut-out stencil

Paper cut-out stencil