Art from the past

I think when we create art, we critique ourselves, and are aware of features within the piece that someone else might not notice.  For instance, sometimes the ink on the end of my pen will simply poor out onto the artwork, making a giant black blotch.... at which point, i yell "Balls!" and my cat Pippin's ears go back.  But secretly, i like this spontaneous re-imagining.  It adds a certain secret character to the art, i wonder if this is how the painters of Van Goghs era felt, when they painted over canvases, re-using them again and again.  

During my lifetime, my art has changed a whole lot.  I often find myself looking at art i have created only a few years ago, and thinking, wow! thats not very good....  The truth is, i am slowly finding my signature.  In honor of the path that has led me too where i am today, i am going to post a VERY old piece of artwork from my childhood! perhaps the oldest piece of my art that exists, although i do believe my mother is hanging onto an archive of the VERY VERY oldest art.  This Art was inspired by a game i would play with my sisters Lake and Juni called We-Whose.  In this make believe realm of we-whose, we were fairies who lived in an Willy Wonka like wonderland,  any delight at our very fingertips.  We loved this game, it went on for years.  In fact, i still sometimes call my sister Juni "We-Who" as a form of endearment.