This year I worked on a new and exciting project. I moved to Bellingham Washington for the summer because I thought the giant mountains would inspire my art (they have). When I arrived, I didn’t know how to get involved in the art scene, so I did something I have never done, I wrote an add on craigslist for a mural proposal. I landed a project creating a mural for a wonderful family who wanted a mural that made people think about the world in a deeper way. I think most great wall art should do this! It is an opportunity to create something beautiful and moving at the same time:)! The finished mural is a depiction of two brown hands holding Mt. Baker. I think it’s important to feel connected to the land around you, that way you are more likely to advocate for its preservation. I had never created art this big before. From the materials used to the way you price a mural was all new to me. I have learned a lot, and want to make murals!!